Rob's Ranch


Rob's Ranch   Rob's Ranch   
Rob’s Ranch is placed on a beautiful 72 acre ranch located a mile southwest of Interstate 35 at exit 98 (Johnson Road exit) on Highway 74, in Purcell, OK. We provide our men with first class facilities where they will feel safe and at home on our working ranch. Our Lodge, built in 2006, houses our Great Room, Living Quarters, Dining Hall and fully stocked Commercial Kitchen so that life on the ranch feels like your home away from home. The ranch facilities offer our men everything they’ll need to experience the fun of outdoor life with the comforts of home.

The Great Room

Great Room
Our men can relax and fellowship in our luxurious Great Room. The Men can watch a ball game or movies on our state of the art flat screens. They may also spend time playing games and cards with friends, will always feel safe and at ease in their home away from home.

Living Quarters

Living Quarters    Rob's Ranch   
 Our residents’ quarters are sizeable, semi-private rooms each with its own private bath. Plenty of private closet and drawer space are provided for our men’s belongings. We will provide all bedding necessary, but ask you to bring a good pillow, your favorite blanket, bath linens, and shaving and bathing items for your stay. A full laundry facility is located in the Dorm House and we ask that you bring laundry soap as well. Our men will get a great night’s sleep and enjoy quiet time in our secure and inviting living environment!

Dining Hall

Dinning Hall
Our cozy dining hall allows for family-style meals 3 times a day as well as a great place to gather for coffee, soft drinks, and snacks during breaks and in the evening. Families are invited and encouraged to join us for lunch on the weekends as well!

Commercial Kitchen

Our fully stocked and equipped commercial kitchen is designed to prepare meals for a full house of hungry men. Our kitchen staff has laid out a meal plan that takes into account the balanced nutrition most alcoholic/ addicts have been lacking in their daily lives. Every meal is prepared fresh daily. One visit to the ranch for a meal and you’ll see that our men will leave us well fed!


Our charming, country chapel is our signature structure exhibiting what Rob’s Ranch is really all about. We meet as a group in our climate-controlled House of the Lord many times each day to grow spiritually as a family. It’s in this chapel where our men can explore and find God for themselves in a safe, encouraging atmosphere. It’s a special place, we think you’ll agree!

Fitness Center

Fitness Center
Rob’s Ranch offers our men a well equipped fitness center to establish good habits of exercise and relaxation that aid in recovery life. Whether it’s getting some cardio work on the treadmills, toning up on the machines, or just hanging out with friends, we encourage men to relax and enjoy fellowship time. We also encourage our men to walk or run in the outdoors as a great way of connecting with God in nature while working on their spiritual and physical fitness.

Rec Room

Fitness Center
Our Recreation room is open for everyone to enjoy during their free time. There are variety of activities, anything from reading, watching a good football game or movie to playing ping pong.

Pavillion and Park Area

Rob’s Ranch is a family place to be enjoyed where we want all to feel welcomed. Our outdoor Pavilion and surrounding park provide a serene venue for your family to picnic loved ones during their stay.

The Ranch

Our land and the improvements on it honor our Lord Jesus Christ. It provides a serene setting for our men and their families to come to know Him better. We are proud of our facility and the variety it offers of both outdoor living and comfortable home life. It’s an environment completely focused on and conducive to promoting recovery from addiction. At Rob’s Ranch, our men will feel the love of God and experience it in their everyday lives. Rob’s Ranch provides a home for the mind and body for 90 days, but will be a home in the hearts and souls of our men for the rest of their lives.