Rob's Ranch

Family Focus

The Rob’s Ranch staff recognizes from personal experience, academic research, and years of work in treating the disease of addiction, that it is very much a family disease that affects most loved ones around the alcoholic/drug addict. Chemical Addiction almost always leaves a string of harmed and broken relationships that only a Christ-centered, spiritual recovery program can heal. We also know from experience that such healing is quite attainable with a focus on God’s power in the family and His solution of a spiritually-based 12 step program for the alcoholic/ drug addict. Throughout each man’s stay we encourage his spouse, parents, children, and loved ones to communicate with our counselors. Within day one to day forty-five, the Family will participate in a Curriculum and Therapy Focused Weekend. The sessions begin at 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. The family will want updates and can provide valuable insight that might be helpful in person’s recovery. Each family member is a valuable part of our team! Weekend visitors are encouraged and welcomed from 10am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. We serve a family style lunch at noon Saturday and 12:30 pm Sunday. We also allow our men to attend local church services on Sunday morning with family should you desire. During our residents’ stay, our counseling staff will set weekend meeting times for your family to meet here at the ranch for counseling sessions to focus on family healing. Our counselors will foster discussions in a safe and loving environment that will put your family at ease. The goal is to allow your family to be open and honest while working together to heal, reconcile, and plan for a future of happiness and love with a new man in spiritual recovery life!