Rob's Ranch

Group Discussions


One of the key principles to successful recovery from addiction is community. Many alcoholic/ drug addicts have gradually isolated themselves from friends and loved ones due to fear, frustration, and shame. Our daily group meetings allow for the men to share with each other the hurts and pains that they’ve endured in life and hear common stories from their peers. This environment will help each man establish a real sense of belonging that most alcoholic/ addicts have been missing for years. Whether it’s in an intimate small group or the entire group of men together, our counseling staff will lead, mediate, and participate in these life impacting discussions. The men will feel safe and open to share sadness and frustration, and feel loved for who they are without judgment. Real hope, growth, and healing will develop as our men come to know that they are not alone, that they are loved by God and each other, and are free to start a great life of new friendships and support in life-building community! The Rob’s Ranch Addiction Treatment Program has a goal to keep things simple. Our residents are given 90 days to learn, absorb, and re-learn the key elements of the disease of addiction and the recovery principles that apply to achieve true mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. Rob’s Ranch men will leave the ranch with the tools necessary for a fresh start with focus, confidence, and purpose. It’s this new outlook on life for themselves and their families that will lead to God’s plan for all of us – Faith, Family and Freedom!

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