Rob's Ranch

One-on-One Counseling


Each Rob’s Ranch resident is assigned his counselor upon arrival for his 90 day stay on the ranch. Our counselors take a detailed and individual approach with each man to identify, address, and heal from the fears and pain that are a part of the disease of addiction. Individual counseling time will be spent together each week as the counselor leads the resident through a review of their life to identify where problems began and grew. By learning about and walking through the 12 steps in a safe and guided manner, real healing and change can begin. Each session will build on previous work with a goal of developing a plan for “re-entry” in life with a healthy, positive, and renewed outlook towards freedom!

  1. One-on-One Counseling
  2. Educational Classroom Work
  3. Large and Small Group Discussions
  4. What To Bring To Treatment