Rob's Ranch

Our Team


General Manager
Doug grew up in Washington, Oklahoma graduating from Washington High School in 1983. He then went on to college where he earned a B.B.A. in marketing from U.C.O. He experienced some success in business but addiction eventually stole everything from him. November 8, 2010 he checked in as client #1 and as the result of going through the Rob’s Ranch program and surrendering his life to Christ has been blessed to become a staff member at Rob’s Ranch. He now is in a position to use his business skills coupled with experience in recovery to help men change their lives. “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”.


Assistant Director / Counselor
Bruce has established himself as one of the top counselors in the Chemical Addiction Counseling field with his 30 years of experience and track record of success. He is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ICADC #34) in the state of Oklahoma. He continues his education on an annual basis with various classes and seminars. Bruce was personally treated, raised, and trained in the Valley Hope system. He served for 20 years as both a staff counselor, then assistant program director with Valley Hope in Norton, KS. and Cushing, OK. From 2000-2010. Bruce also helped start and lead the counseling team at Clay Crossing for Men in Maud, OK. His long tenure in counseling and curriculum building, coupled with his own 34 years of personal recovery, make him one of the finest counselors in the recovery community today. Bruce is originally from Oxford, Nebraska and he and his wife Carla, are the proud parents of 3 daughters and grandparents of 7. They currently reside in Purcell, OK. and attend the United Methodist Church.


Mark initially became interested in counseling during his studies at the University of Phoenix. His first position in the substance abuse field was as a patient care assistant at the Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center. He was encouraged by his director and clinical supervisor to embark on a new path in life. Mark has since earned a Master’s degree in Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma, while beginning his counseling career at NADTC. He then came on staff for Clay Crossing for Women (now Rob’s Ranch for Men) in 2010, where he quickly became lead counselor, advancing to program director. He now serves as a Staff Counselor for Rob’s Ranch. Mark has a genuine desire to help others and he possesses a true talent for working with those suffering from addiction. Mark has helped hundreds of people with his unique approach to counseling; along with his love, compassion, and understanding for the alcoholic/addict. His 10+ years of personal recovery and extensive understanding of the purpose and benefits of a spiritual 12 step program, make him a great asset to the Rob’s Ranch team. Mark is originally from Granada Hills, California. He, his wife Tammy and 3 children, currently reside in Norman, Oklahoma.


Dennis Maddon was raised in the Oklahoma City area. After surrendering to his addiction on April 21, 2002, he showed interest in counseling, but was recommended to focus on his personal journey before making that decision. Dennis did eventually pursue counseling and now gives back to the addicts and alcoholics still suffering. Dennis received his Master’s Degree in Substance Abuse Studies in December of 2013, granting him upcoming eligibility for the state licensing exam, which will allow him the LADC-MH certification. Dennis has completed his first level of gambling addiction training and plans to pursue LPC and CSAT credentialing to become a certified EMDR therapy provider. He began working at Rob’s Ranch in April of 2014.

Brian E. Anderson, MA, CADC Candidate

Major (Ret.) Brian E. Anderson enlisted into the Oklahoma Army National Guard in 1991 as a Forward Observer. He later attended ROTC at the University of Central Oklahoma and in 1995 was commissioned as a Regular Army, Field Artillery, 2nd Lieutenant. In 1997, he deployed to Bosnia as a Platoon Leader. He later commanded Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion, 18th Field Artillery MLRS, Ft. Sill, OK and deployed his battery to Kuwait/Iraq for the March 2003 invasion of Iraq. Brian’s last deployment was to the Iran/Iraq Border as a Military Transition Team Chief of an 11-man team from 2009-2010. Brian was medically retired in 2013.

Upon returning from the deployment to Iraq in 2003, Brian knew that something had dramatically changed inside him. However, unable to clearly identify the changes, he spent the next 10 years trying to figure out what was wrong. Unfortunately, like so many others, he had great trepidation to say anything to others or his command team in the Army out of fear of judgment or being ostracized. After returning home from his final deployment in 2010, Brian went through two surgeries and began a downward spiral into severe depression, PTSD, anxiety, and abuse of alcohol and prescription medications. After medical retirement, Brian continued a precipitous deterioration which led him to receiving treatment at Rob’s Ranch. Through Brian’s personal journey, he has been able to heal, strengthen his spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ, and live an incredible life of joy, gratitude and peace in recovery. His family has been restored and is better than it has ever been. Rob’s Ranch helped change Brian’s life so dramatically, he has dedicated his life to helping other men battling substance addiction, especially Military Veterans. Brian, his wife, and three daughters all attend Life.Church and devote much of their free time voluntarily helping other families in need.

Tanner Underwood, CADC-US

Tanner Underwood grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma. His greatest passion in life is helping individuals and families find recovery. He began working in the field of addiction by helping adolescents find sobriety. He received his BS from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2014, and currently attends graduate school for Substance Abuse Studies. He is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) under supervision and working towards his LADC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor). Tanner struggled with addiction beginning in his early adolescence. He surrendered to drugs and alcohol at age 25, on January, 4th 2013. Recovery has exponentially improved Tanner’s life, and perpetuated his goal is to help others the way he has been helped. The spiritual journey of recovery has lead Tanner to pursue his dreams at Rob’s Ranch.




Steve has been a full-time pastor in the Purcell area for over 30 years. In 1991, his ministry expanded to a Sunday afternoon service at the county jail. “Nothing is more enjoyable than for me to play my guitar, sing gospel songs, and share the good news with those who desperately need it.” With the opening of Rob’s Ranch in 2010, Steve was granted the opportunity to conduct a Thursday night service with the men at Rob’s Ranch. In June of 2012, he was asked to assume the duties of chaplain/pastor here at Rob’s Ranch. “My heart’s desire is to help men coming into the program at Rob’s Ranch, to discover a personal experience with God and leave a better person. May God Bless You,”




Chief Financial Officer
Jake Hill struggled in addiction for nearly fourteen years before finally surrendering to the realization he was his own worst enemy and was trying to solve his problems with drugs and alcohol. With the help of his family, he checked into Robs Ranch in 2012. As this was his first time experiencing a treatment center, Jake was terrified of what he had committed himself to. “What would people think? Will I be accepted back into my family and will my true friends remain my friends?” Those were the questions Jake was most concerned with at that time. After learning from the extraordinary counselors and staff at Rob’s Ranch, Jake began to understand his addiction was a symptom, not the problem. Struggling with religion, the Christ-centered program of Rob’s Ranch answered many questions he was ashamed to ask before. With a new found faith and the tools to succeed in recovery, Jake completed his 90 days at Rob’s Ranch and was given an opportunity to give back by coming on as a staff member at Rob’s Ranch. Jake now works to spread the message of hope in recovery to struggling addicts and alcoholics everywhere. “I never imagined my life could be this great! I have more fun and fulfillment in my life today than any day during my active addiction!” Jake continues to work for Rob’s Ranch and will continue to provide hope for any addict/alcoholic willing to ask for help.


Office Manager
Linda has been with Rob’s Ranch since the opening in 2010. “Being a recovering addict, as well as the mother of a recovering addict, she understands how God can replace the feeling of hopelessness with joy and peace and how he brings restoration and healing to families.”


First and foremost, Katherine is the mother of three beautiful (almost grown) children. She has also been a practicing accountant for many years and has an accounting business which specializes in accounting for small businesses, and income tax preparation for individuals and partnerships. Katherine feels that “God has blessed her in so many ways, and is truly grateful to play a small part in the ministry of Rob’s Ranch and the work God is doing here to change lives, restore families, and draw people to The Lord.”


Head Cook / Fitness
For over a decade Floyd has studied, trained, and worked in the health, emergency response and fitness industries. His diverse background enables him to work with all of our clients regardless of their age, the state of their current health, or their previous fitness or athletic background. As a facility, Rob’s Ranch believes in providing healthy living in all aspects of life, mind, body, and spirit. So as a member of the Rob’s Ranch team, Floyd focuses initially on introducing the clients to healthy exercise and diet habits. Over the course of a client’s stay, Floyd will expose them to cardio training, weight training, diet and nutrition tips, and core strengthening. His background in firefighting, emergency rescue and CPR provides stability to our program, as he lives on property. He regularly attends continuing education seminars. Floyd is a graduate of Colorado State University, with a B.S. in Natural Resources, he personally enjoys playing soccer, snow skiing and fishing.




Online Marketing / Supervisor
Jason Baldwin is a 33-year-old, recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Jason started drinking & using at the age of 15, due to his inability to cope with the struggles of his birth defect and the daily struggles of life. In the 17 years of Jason’s drinking, he came to the realization he needed help in his life and was blessed to find Rob’s Ranch. Jason came to Rob’s Ranch as a client, and in 90 days, he learned to deal with emotional problems, and was given the tools to repair his damaged relationship, and learn to live life without alcohol or drugs. Most importantly the Ranch has brought Jason closer to God and taught him that he needed to have God first in all aspects of his life.


House Manager Supervisor
Sam Stoots is from Tulsa Oklahoma and started using drugs and alcohol at the age of 13. He had been in and out of treatment centers for many years, struggling to stay clean. In the summer of 2013 he checked into Rob’s Ranch where he completed 90 days. After spending some time in sober living, Sam was hired as a house manager. Since his start at Rob’s Ranch, he now is the supervisor for the current house managers. Through the overwhelming power of God’s love and grace, Sam gives back to those who still struggle.