Rob's Ranch

Spiritual Focus

The Rob’s Ranch curriculum, based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, is centered around the principle that we must establish a spiritual connection with God. The spiritual experience and, way of life is critical in our lives and that of our residents.

We adhere to the truth that the 12 steps are entirely spiritual in nature. As a result, we offer daily exposure to well-rounded, Christ-focused activities. These include:

Daily Morning Chapel Service: Kick the day off right in our charming country chapel by saying “Good Morning God”!

Purpose Driven Life Devotional: Each day we meet in the chapel to read the world famous Purpose Driven Life text by Christian author Rick Warren. Other materials involving the establishment of a positive attitude of gratitude are also presented during this time. Various points of view and discussion provide participants an opportunity to determine their own personal values and beliefs. This is a great time to reflect on life after the ranch and where our walk with God may take us.

Evening Bible Study: Our residents get to relax after dinner 2-3 nights a week with an inspired bible study led by local church partners. It’s the perfect end to a day of change and growth.

Sunday Morning Church Services: At the option of each of our residents, we provide transportation to one of the local area churches. We encourage our men to establish the practice of honoring our Lord Jesus Christ on His day and seeking new frontiers in our spiritual lives.

Most faith building activities are optional. However, we have seen through the years that when men pursue a daily relationship with God, they often receive a daily reprieve from addiction that’s contingent upon the maintenance of their spiritual condition. Our desire is to equip men to seek this spiritual freedom that will have lasting impact in this life and beyond!